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Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler

From £1,360.00

The Baxi 830 Combi 2 Series comes with the compact Adey Magnaclean Micro2 magnetic system filter and a 10 year parts and labour warranty* for total peace of mind.

The boiler is small enough to fit into a 290mm deep cupboard, has a built in pipes behind facility within the boiler casing and brass hydraulics.


  • 24kW, 30kW & 36kW
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The Baxi 830 Combi Boiler has updated to the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler to the provide advanced heating and hot water solutions for modern homes. The Baxi 830 Combi Boiler has a compact design and versatile installation options, it seamlessly integrates into any space. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this boiler delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency, providing reliable heating and hot water while minimizing energy consumption and reducing bills.

User-friendly controls simplify operation, catering to users of all technical abilities. Its intuitive interface allows for easy adjustment of temperature and settings, ensuring personalized comfort for every household member. Built with quality materials, the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler ensures long-lasting durability and reliability for years ahead.

Consistent heating and hot water performance are guaranteed year after year, providing peace of mind to homeowners. Whether upgrading an existing heating system or installing a new one, the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler is a dependable choice that meets all requirements. Compact and sleek, it fits various household setups, with advanced technology ensuring efficient heating and hot water delivery.

Backed by Baxi’s reputation for quality and reliability, homeowners can trust in the performance of the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler. It is environmentally friendly, with features designed to minimize its environmental impact. Furthermore, compatible with renewable energy sources, it enables homeowners to further diminish their carbon footprint.

In summary, the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler excels in performance, efficiency, and reliability, rendering it ideal for home heating and hot water. With its advanced technology, user-friendly controls, and durable construction, it provides unparalleled comfort and peace of mind to homeowners. Experience the benefits of the Baxi 830 Combi2 Boiler in your home today.

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Additional information

Weight 29.5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 70 cm

30kw, 36kw

Flue Options

Baxi Multifit Horizontal Flue 60/100 (7222019), Baxi Multifit Vertical Flue 60/100 (5118576), Boiler Only – NO Flue

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

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  • Lig
  • htweight for an easier installation have
  • Brass hydraulics block
  • Built in stand off frame
  • Easy-fill permanent filling link makes it easier for householder to top up system
  • Optional uSense smart control
  • OpenTherm interface
  • IFOS compatible
  • Extensive flue options up to 20 metres
  • Simple hanging bracket


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Baxi 836 Combi 2
Sales Code Boiler Only 7814304 7814305 7814306
Natural gas or LPG Yes Yes Yes
Inlet supply pressure (natural gas) mbar (nominal) 20 20 20
Maximum Gas Rate (G20) Qmax m3/hr 2.61 3.26 3.9
Heat input CH kW (max) Gross (QnHs) 20.6 25.7 25.7
kW (min) Gross (QnHs) 4.9 6.0 7.2
Heat Output CH (non-condensing) kW (Max) (Pn) 20 25 25
kW (Min) (Pn) 4.8 5.8 7.2
Heat Output CH (condensing) kW (Max) (Pnc) 21.8 27.1 27.1
kW (Min) (Pnc) 5.2 6.3 7.6
Heat Input Domestic Hot Water (DHW) kW max gross (QnwHs) 27.4 30.9 36.9
Heat Output Domestic Hot Water (DHW) kW max 24 30 36
Water Heating Efficiency class A A A
Permanent Live Required Yes Yes Yes
External fuse rating Amps 3 3 3
Pump Overrun Yes Yes Yes
Integral ‘boiler only’ Frost Thermostat Yes Yes Yes
Maximum DHW flow rate (Delta T @ 35’C rise) l/min 10.2 12.2 15.0
Minimum DHW flow rate required l/min 2 2 2
Minimum Operating DHW pressure required bar 0.5 0.5 0.5
Integral Expansion Vessel Size (litres) 7 7 7
Maximum Capacity of CH System Litres 100 100 100
Integral Automatic Bypass Yes Yes Yes
Installer Lift Weight (boiler) (kg) 29.2 29.2 30.5