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Ideal Logic+ C35 Combi2 Boiler

From £1,400.00

The Ideal Logic+ Combi2 provides excellent energy savings making it the perfect choice for new or replacement installations, and is small enough to fit in a standard kitchen cupboard.

Made in the UK, with built-in frost protection, it provides excellent energy saving, and performs quietly in your home. Our Ideal Logic Plus also comes complete with a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 7 year warranty for parts and labour.

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The Ideal Logic+ C35 Combi2 boiler seamlessly integrates efficiency with reliability, making it the preferred choice for modern homes. Renowned for its advanced technology, this boiler guarantees optimal performance and significant energy savings. Its compact design ensures versatile installation options, fitting effortlessly into various household setups.

It seamlessly transitions between heating and hot water demands, adapting to fluctuating needs with ease. This optimization optimizes fuel consumption and reduces energy costs effectively. With user-friendly controls, operation becomes effortless, allowing homeowners to adjust temperature settings and enhance comfort effortlessly.

Moreover, its durable construction ensures long-term reliability, providing homeowners with peace of mind. Backed by Ideal’s reputation, this boiler comes with a generous warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence. Additionally, from chilly mornings to busy evenings, the boiler ensures consistent warmth and hot water, meeting diverse household needs.

The Ideal Logic+ C35 Combi2 boiler offers an unbeatable blend of efficiency, reliability, and convenience, making it the perfect heating solution for every home. In summary, it’s the ideal choice to meet your heating needs with its advanced features and consistent performance.

Whether you’re upgrading your existing system or installing a new one, this boiler is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, it delivers consistent performance and optimal comfort year after year. Additionally, say goodbye to cold mornings and high energy bills by investing in the Ideal Logic+ C35 Combi2 boiler for a warm and cosy home all year round.

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Additional information


24kw, 30kw, 35kw

Flue Options

Boiler Only – NO Flue, Ideal Horizontal Flue 100mm (208171), Ideal Vertical Flue (211039)

Features & Benefits

  • 7 year parts and labour warranty*
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger**
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • Low lift weight (starting from 29.2kg)
  • Wide range of additional flueing options
  • Large digital display
  • PRV wall outlet pipe included
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed
  • LPG conversion kit (available on 30kW)
  • Fully modulating operation to low outputs
  • Concealed pipe connections
  • Boiler frost protection
  • Pre-wired mains lead
  • Preformed copper tails
  • Universal condensate connection


7 year warranty available until 31.12.2023. Subject to terms and conditions. 7 year parts and labour warranty available when registered within 30 days of installation and serviced annually.

**when installed with an Ideal System Filter and registered on Connect or


C24 C30 C35
Weight (packaged) kg 34.0 34.1 34.2
Max installation weight kg 29.2 29.3 29.4
CH output (kW) min/max mean 70°C 4.8 – 24.2 6.1 – 24.2 7.1 – 24.2
CH output (kW) min/max mean 40°C 5.1 – 25.6 6.4 – 25.6 7.5 – 25.6
DHW output (kW) max 24.2 30.3 35.3
DHW flow rate I/min. 35°C rise 9.9 12.4 14.5
SEDBUK rating (2005) % 91.1 91.1 91.1
SEDBUK rating (2009/2012) % 89.6 89.6 89.6
Nox classification CLASS 6 CLASS 6 CLASS 6
Convert to LPG Yes Yes No
Max horizontal flue 9m 8m 6m
Max vertical flue 7.5m 7.5m 7.5m
Powered vertical flue* 22m 22m 22m
Condensing boiler Yes Yes Yes
Seasonal space heating efficiency class A A A
Rated heat output kW 24 24 24
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ŋs % 94 94 94
Sound power level, indoors Lwa dB 48 46 44
Water heating energy efficiency class A A A